CNG Trailer Rental

The Navitas Utility Corporation CNG trailer is used to provide temporary gas service for intermittent use, testing, and emergency situations. When not in use by the utility, Navitas rents out its 16 MCF (16 thousand cubic feet) capacity CNG trailer throughout the continental United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

The CNG trailer rental has a flat rate schedule which includes unlimited gas, refill service, connect service, operation, delivery, and pickup. A licensed and certified driver with delivery/pickup vehicle is included. Service is typically limited to locations where an operating retail CNG refill station is located within a 150 mile radius.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) trailers are typically used to provide gas service to areas disconnected from the rest of the utility/distribution system due to maintenance or a natural disaster. Other uses include boosting the pressure of an existing natural gas system, refilling a standalone CNG tank, running a natural gas backup generator, or supplying CNG to closed pipeline utility systems in rural areas.

Rental Rate Schedule:
Effective 03/01/2017
Monthly Rate For The Following States:
-New Mexico
$24,000.00 Flat Rate For 1-30 Days (Includes Gas)
Monthly Rate For States Not Bordering Oklahoma:
$29,000.00 Flat Rate For 1-30 Days Minimum (Includes Gas)

*Contact Ross Modglin ( with your delivery address for the exact pricing.


For more information or to rent the Navitas CNG tube trailer,

 please email or call (714) 242-4064.

Trailer Specifications:

This is a 40 cylinder DOT 3AA CNG trailer which complies with MasterRegs 49CFR Parts 100-185 Nov. 1, 2006. The MAWP of the cylinders is 3600 PSI. We operate our trailers at 3000 psi to have room for gas expansion.  This trailer is placarded as hazardous material Class 2.1 UN1971 Flammable Gas.  The driver of the transport vehicle will need to have a HAZMAT ratting on his or her driver’s licenses to move this trailer on public roads.


-Trailer Weight

*11,820 pounds empty
*12,560 pounds full of gas

*740 net weight of gas
-Trailer Length 23'
-Trailer Deck Length 17'
-Trailer Deck Width 80.5"
-Trailer Overall Width 102"
-GVWR 14,000lbs
-Capacity 16,000 SCF
-4 wheel Electric Brakes
-Screw Jack to stabilize trailer when not connected to vehicle

40 Reconditioned 3600 PSI DOT 3AA CNG 10 X 60 bottles racked with the valves covered by enclosures to protect them from physical contact.

All of the tanks are manifolded together to discharge threw three MECO 8461 regulators.

The MECO first cut regulators have separate isolation valves for service and to control flow rate to the discharge header.

Included one NGV-1 receptacles on the trailer to allow refilling of the trailer at a CNG refueling station.

 The 1 ¼” discharge header has an isolation valve to stop pressure from leaving the header.

An ASME relief valve is supplied to protect the down stream piping from the MECO first cut regulators.

Pressure gauges will are supplied so that critical pressures can be seen from both sides of the trailer. 

Variable discharge pressures available between 5 PSI and 100 PSI. Please provide desired pressure before trailer departs for delivery.

The 3AA DOT CNG cylinders are re-hydro tested every 5 years.