Navitas Assets Overview


Navitas Assets, LLC, (NALLC) is primarily engaged in the acquisition and operation of rural, natural gas assets and utilities.  NALLC has taken a unique approach to the business of operating local gas distribution companies, or LDC’s.  By focusing on the rural distribution systems, Navitas as a whole, but particularly through NALLC is able to form capital in systems that previously have exhausted their capital resources.   Over the years, the draining of capital has taken its toll on rural infrastructure, and has presented an opportunity for Navitas to become established.


The lack of capital formation has forced some rural systems into deferring maintenance and potential non-compliance. When an enterprise lacks resources; little more than a bare minimum can be undertaken or implemented.  By establishing competitive rates, and utilizing a highly productive workforce with updated systems and sound physical assets provided by Navitas Utilities, NALLC has been able to reinvest where needed and to ensure a sound natural gas infrastructure for future generations.


The Navitas approach is unique in that the focus falls on projects and systems that cannot generate ample returns for larger, urban operations that rely on high customer densities to create economies of scale. The Company has acquired systems as small as 25 customers and as large as 2,500.   Navitas Assets currently owns in excess of 1,000 miles of natural gas distribution pipelines serving 17 Oklahoma Counties.