Navitas Utility Corporation Overview


Navitas Utility Corporation (NUC) was formed to locate, develop, and operate mid and downstream pipeline companies.  NUC retains a workforce highly experienced and skilled in these efforts. NUC’s primary customer Navitas Assets, LLC (NALLC) typically retains NUC to find LDC opportunities to provide operational and commercial services on a contract basis. NUC has in the past, and will continue to offer the same contract services to third party pipeline operations. To facilitate contracting, the company has obtained it's California Minority Owned Business status.


The long term goal is to develop economies of scale which can provide effective operational expertise to geographically diverse, rural pipeline systems. This places a premium on employing the most experienced and well trained personnel possible. By scaling a number of small systems into a larger seamless operation, a longer term, strategically driven philosophy can be brought to bear. This outlook pays dividends in the areas of maintenance, compliance, and insurance.  Large gains are also seen in billing, customer service, and engineering. NUC can provide the critical mass necessary to obtain the best commodity and transportation contracts otherwise unavailable to the numerous, small rural systems.  In the end, the consumers will also benefit from these economies through solid consistent service at competitive prices.